Today Is The 20th Anniversary of 'Gilmore Girls'

Photo: Getty

Nothing can make you feel older than realizing a show has been around for 20 year. That's probably the case with many of you today as Gilmore Girls is celebrating its 20 year anniversary. That's right, 20 years since it first premiered back in the year 2000.

If you're a big fan of this show I found a great list from People that gives you a few awesome ways to celebrate your fandom!

A couple of the suggestions are pretty easy. One of them was the simply put on your favorite flannel shirt and pop on a backwards hat. Once you do that, make a pot of coffee.

Since we're all mostly stuck at home they suggest having a girls night in! Maybe watch a few of your favorite episodes with you friends!

They also suggested cooking yourself a nice home cooked meal like Sookie and to make a mess in the kitchen, but that seems pretty normal for my house. No special occasion needed.

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