This App Will let You Virtually Trick or Treat For Real Candy

After we here in New York heard from Governor Cuomo that he would not be cancelling trick or treating I thought that things would be in the clear. However the CDC came out with new guidance earlier this week saying that they are advising that people do NOT trick or treat.

Oye! My head is starting to hurt from all this.

I feel like it's only a matter of time now that local municipalities start doing things while following CDC guidance on this. Thankfully I did find one place for trick or treating where you can stay safe and still get real candy.

It's called Treat Town and starting on October 1, 2020 you can virtually trick or treat all month long. From their website:

One day of Halloween is great. What’s better? An entire month of fun! Enjoy safe trick-or-treating with your family around your neighborhood, or virtually visit friends and relatives across the country.

Basically you set up a profile and purchase candy credit to redeem for real candy. People in your neighborhood do the same and virtually trick or treat with them. It sounds kind of fun!

While I am still hoping we do the real deal Halloween it's nice to see there is a little bit on an alternative that will still keep it nice and fun for the kids.

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