Are You Ready For Back To School?

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Photo: Getty

It is getting very close to back to school time for most of us here in the Capital Region. Schools have laid out their plans, parents have decided if they're going to send kids back in person or do the distance learning thing again.

So are you ready for the coming school year?

New York has had some really good numbers across the state as far as people testing positive for COVID-19. From the guidance from Governor Cuomo and his staff schools will remain open as long as a Region doesn't go to 5% or above. From the latest report on the state website the Capital Region had a .5% rate. That is huge. The highest rate was 1.9% out of Western New York.

I think that alone should help put a lot of parents at ease for the coming school year. The numbers remain low. Even hospitalizations are low, and I think that is the biggest factor here.

A few tips to get you ready for whatever your school year looks like this year from Family Handyman:

  • Create a family message center to keep track of events and appointments
  • Stock up on school supplies and keep them organized
  • Make a homework station - that way your child can focus
  • Start getting ready for mornings now - create a morning routine so that you can make sure everyone is ready once school does begin.

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