Opinion: Chainsmokers Concert in Hamptons Was Irresponsible

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Photo: Getty

It's time for some hard truth. While we are all missing live music, I know I am, right now it is time that we stay the course and continue to be responsible and not do things that will cause a spike in COVID-19 infections.

What happened over the weekend at a Chainsmokers Drive-In concert in The Hamptons is concerning. Over 2,000 people and a blatant lack of social distancing has now triggered an investigation by the NYS department of health.

Here's what I think - The Chainsmokers should have controlled their crowd. At the very least the venue should have controlled the crowd of spoiled rich millennials who paid thousands of dollars to essentially throw all the rules and guidelines out the window.

New York's current infection rate is right near 1%. Locally we saw a Fourth of July party in Albany with over 200 people that has now returned dozens of positive COVID-19 tests. It increased the Capital Region's infection rate, along with some other careless behavior from others, to higher than New York City. Imagine what an event with no social distancing with over 2,000 people downstate could do to our rate?

Do we want to go backwards? Do we want to be forced to live this "new normal" for longer than we have to.

I'm sorry, but this is dangerous and irresponsible. The Chainsmokers, the venue, the local authorities need to be held responsible for this.

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