Walmart Will Require All Customers To Wear Masks

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

Starting next week if you want to shop at Walmart you'll need to wear a mask. They've joined the list of retailers requiring masks for entry to their stores around the country. Already requiring masks are Starbucks, Costco and Best Buy.

Right now there isn't a federal mask mandate despite the CDC guidance on wearing masks to help stop the spread of COVID-19. This is as close as it gets to one being that Walmart is the world's largest retailer.

In a statement Walmart said,

As the number of confirmed cases has spiked in communities across the country recently, so too have the number and types of face covering mandates being implemented.
To help bring consistency across stores and clubs, we will require all shoppers to wear a face covering starting Monday, July 20. This will give us time to inform customers and members of the changes, post signage and train associates on the new protocols.

In New York businesses can refuse service to those not wearing masks per Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Source: CNN Business