INTERVIEW: Dr. Gloria Guptill Talks COVID-19 Prevention And Wearing Masks

Photo: Dr. Gloria Guptill MD

Photo: Dr. Gloria Guptill MD

While many of us want to form our own opinion about COVID-19 and how to handle it I've always felt it best to listen to the medical experts when it comes to viruses and diseases. It is the area that they do know the best.

When COVID-19 broke out one page that was a tremendous resource of information was the Facebook page of Dr. Gloria Guptill. Right from the beginning she was providing the Capital Region with facts about the pandemic and how we can work together to fight it.

I had the pleasure of talking with her this week. One of the biggest takeaways was that masks are very important right now. If you're out in a social setting you need to be wearing a mask. We also talked about personal responsibility with traveling right now, and we both agreed maybe right now isn't the best time for a vacation.

If you want to get out of the house make sure you're outdoors as it is less likely you'll contract the virus outdoors vs indoors. Also no matter what keep your distance. Social distancing has been a big part of why New York has been successful in the fight against COVID-19.

Listen to our full interview below.