Cookie Therapy Alb Is Medicating The Capital Region With Delicious Treats

We have all been in a place where the only thing that will make it better is a good cookie. Think about that for a second. That feeling you get biting into a homemade cookie. Maybe washing it down with a glass of cold milk. Feels good, right? That's what they call Cookie Therapy.

Faye Jones and Ashley Brown are a couple of Capital Region natives who have taken big steps during the COVID-19 pandemic to get the Albany area what they need - and what they need is cookies.

These two have opened up Cookie Therapy ALB, located in Troy, NY, and so for they've seen nothing but success.

I had the pleasure to talk with them a little bit about their business, what drives them and of course what their favorite cookie is.

What was the inspiration behind Cookie Therapy?

We were both baking to soothe anxiety and started sending each other crazy cookie flavors after seeing some of the larger stuffed cookies that were popping up in large metropolitan areas. We thought, why not bring that concept to the Capital Region. 

You guys are doing something incredible right now. I have seen people I know sharing photos of your cookies on their social media. I think food is something that brings us together, would you agree?

Yes! We completely agree. In fact, we joke that the cookies are just as much therapy for our customers as they are for us at that point. We have so many people that post in their social media stories about sharing the cookies with their families. It's really nice to see that we are able to brighten peoples day especially in such a tough time.

Obviously you've taken a big risk to open up during times like these. Did you ever think you'd be having the impact you're having?

We never expected this to take off like it has. We are so grateful every day for all the people who love our cookies and for all the return customers we have. 

Things have really gotten big for you guys. You're starting to ship to other states. Which ones will be able to get their hands on your cookies?

We are rolling our shipping in phases starting this Sunday. The first states we will be shipping to are New York, New Hampshire, Maine , Pennsylvania , Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Maryland. 

The cookies are HUGE! Was there a reason for their size or was just because you guys are amazing?

Our cookies are 6 ounces before mix ins! We saw that the big cookie craze was catching on and 6 oz seemed like the perfect size for sharing to us!

Of all the cookies you make, which is your personal favorite?

Faye's favorites are "My big fat New York Cheesecake" and "Margarita"

Ashley's favorites are "OG Chocolate chip" and "Ice Cream Sundae"

If you'd like to order some of these delicious cookies for yourself, just click here!

I would like to thank both Faye and Ashley for taking the time to chat with me.