You Should Be Washing Your Produce With Soap and Water


All of us are doing what we can to take extra precautions against spreading the coronavirus. That includes working from home and social distancing. However we all still need to get things at the store and that would include groceries.

Despite social distancing and disinfecting most of what we touch it's very hard to stop the spread of all germs. It's important to remember that when we're purchasing fresh produce.

The Daily Mail talked to Timothy Newsome, professor at the University of Sydney, and he said that every surface is a hazard with it comes to COVID-19. That would include the fruits and vegetables at the fresh produce sections of grocery stores.

So what's to solution for not spreading those germs? He said you just have to simply wash your produce with warm soapy water just the way we've all been washing our hands.

You also have to keep in mind that grocery stores across the country are taking the extra steps to stop the spread by wearing gloves and keeping the stores extra clean and sanitized. What you can't protect yourself against is other consumers who may be touching the same fruits and vegetables as you.

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