This Isn't The First Time We've Practiced Social Distancing In New York

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Social distancing. While this concept has taken the world by storm over the last few weeks to avoid spreading COVID-19 it's not the first time that we've seen it practiced in our state of New York.

I found this article on that talks about how Syracuse practiced social distancing in 1918 to avoid the spread of influenza. Obviously there probably aren't too many of us around that remember that moment in time.

According to the article on October 7, 1918 the Spanish flu outbreak was so serious in Syracuse that the mayor put a ban on all public gatherings. That included church, movie theaters, schools, and more. Sounds pretty familiar right?

The mayor said in an interview:

By preventing all public assemblages and by impressing upon individual citizens the necessity of taking every precaution to avoid contagion, we may hope to check what has proved to be one of the worst scourges of sickness ever visited upon Syracuse.

That ban on social gatherings in Syracuse lasted for 18 days and they saw their numbers dwindle. While we can't confirm how long we'll have to social distance this time around, it's promising to know that in the past this practice worked. So keep your heads up.

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