Toilet Paper Calculator Will Tell You How Long Your Supply Will Last

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One thing that has happened since the news of the coronavirus came to the United States is people buying up toilet paper. They're buying it in bulk despite experts telling you not to overbuy products like that.

Were you someone who went out and bought a bunch of toilet paper? I know that I grabbed a big pack just so that wouldn't be caught off guard when all the crazies came out.

If you were curious how long your current supply will last you there's an all new website that will calculate it for you. will base your number of days on how many rolls you have and how many toilet visits per day. Based on an estimate of toilet visits in my house (and I aimed high just in case) I will last 50 days before by toilet paper supply runs out. That is a decent amount of time considering there are three of us who are using the bathroom in my house.

Of course it's not accounting for the "mega" or "double" rolls that many brands offer.

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How long will your toilet paper last?

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