Top Five Gavin DeGraw Songs To Celebrate His Birthday

2020 iHeartRadio Podcast Awards - Show

2020 iHeartRadio Podcast Awards - Show

I have to start out this blog by saying that my fandom for Gavin DeGraw wouldn't exist without by wife, who is the biggest Gavin DeGraw fan that I know. She's seen him so many times live, and since we've been together she's brought me to several shows and for someone who previously only heard Gavin if One Tree Hill was on in the background or it came on the radio, she turned me. I am a full blown Gavin-head (is that what his fans are called?).

Today is Gavins 43rd birthday and for that day I wanted share my five favorite songs by him. This isn't a "best of" list, it's my personal favorites so don't think this is a the be-all-end-all when you read it. My favorite song might be different than yours and that's ok.

With all that being said, let's begin!

5 - Sweeter

This is one of my absolute favorite songs that Gavin does live. It's a fun song that gets your energy going and the crowd always loves it. It's a kick ass rock track and at the same time so wonderfully catchy and poppy.

4 - Follow Through

I feel like this is the song my wife and I wished was our wedding song, but we went with something else. It's one of his early songs and it is really really good.

3- Soldier

This is another one that I have grown fond of from seeing it done live. It is a pretty powerful song. I like that Gavin will start this song out live totally stripped down and then the band will join in. It's quite the experience.

2- I Don't Want To Be

Yes, this is his biggest hit. It's what he always ends his show with and yes it is one of my favorite songs.

1 - Chariot

This could be where I have people upset, but this song is fantastic. I feel as though this is Gavin at his best. The piano, the message of the song. You can see when he does this one for the audience that he just loves to perform it.

I have several honorable mentions:

  • Best I Ever Had
  • In Love With a Girl
  • Stealing

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