The Freddie Challenge Has Everyone Trying To Sing Like Freddie Mercury


I found this challenge online and as a huge Queen fan I felt obligated to take it. It's called the #FreddieChallenge and what you do is try your best to sing like the legendary Freddie Mercury.

Queen is one of the most fun bands to sing along to, so this challenge is already a whole lot of fun. But what will your score be?

I decided to sing "Don't Stop Me Now." I did pretty well if I don't say so myself. With little to no singing experience (besides the car, kitchen, shower, and occasional karaoke session) I NAILED it. 75% Freddie? I will take that all day long.

You get to choose from a few different Queen songs.

  • Don't Stop Me Now
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Somebody To Love
  • We Will Rock You

If you want to take the challenge, click here.

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