OPINION: Apple Pie Is Better Than Pumpkin Pie

The Thanksgiving meal can be intimidating enough, but the dessert table at most gatherings can also be quite overwhelming. I am here to make your choice in pies easier.

Go with apple.

Yes I know that pumpkin pie is a staple of most households for Thanksgiving, but if you've got the choice between apple and pumpkin you need to go with the apple. Why? Because it's better.

Really it's not even a contest. Apple taste better, it's less filling, and I think the crust is superior on most apple pies. Though if the pumpkin has a graham cracker crust it might make the battle a little tougher.

Apple facts:

  • Keep doctors away
  • Don't rot on your porch
  • totally edible
  • Not guts

Pumpkin facts:

  • Might actually bring more doctors (not actual fact)
  • Will rot on your porch
  • Can't eat all of it
  • Full fo guts

Listen I could go on forever, but apple pie is 100% the better pie. So put down the pumpkin and grab the apple this Thanksgiving.

You're welcome.

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