Dots Are The Worst Halloween Candy and I Won't Hear Otherwise

I am really sick of all the hate I am seeing for Candy Corn. It is a classic Halloween candy and deserves more respect than that. I would gladly take candy corn in my treat bag than dots. Dots are the worst.

Yes, you heard me. Dots, which show up in these cruel little boxes around Halloween just to round out the Tootsie Roll variety bag of candy. They're garbage and if you don't agree with me you're wrong.

Have you ever said to yourself after seeing these in your treat bag (or child's treat bag) "Yes! Dots! These are the best!" No. You 100% have not said that in your life. Why? Because, as I said, dots are a garbage candy.

The flavors are bad. They get stuck in your teeth. They are like a gumdrop/licorice hybrid that we were too busy wondering whether or not we could we never stopped to ask if we should.

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