You Can Meet The Angry Bagel Guy in Albany If You Really Want To

When it comes to meeting celebrities I am willing to bet that the Angry Bagel Man, as the internet has affectionately dubbed him, is at the very top of your list. No? Shocking.

Well, I personally think it would be hilarious to actually meet this crazy guy. His viral meltdown at a bagel shop on Long Island was everywhere over the summer and he's now trying to capitalize on his now legendary rant.

Heroes Hideout is giving people the opportunity to meet him November 17th at Colonie Center. If you want to you can pay $20 for a photo and for $50 he will do a video rant for you. I guess that's something people want.

Heroes Hideout has become known for their wrestling meet and greets in the Capital Region, but this one seems a bit odd. From their Facebok post announcing it they also think this one is a bit weird.

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