Is Lorde In Jail In New Zealand?

Lorde Melodrama World Tour - Brooklyn, NY

I was really confused this morning what I saw that #FreeLorde was trending on Twitter. I hade no idea what it meant. Was Lorde in jail and I somehow missed some big case? Is Lorde in actual trouble?

The short answer is no. No Lorde is not in jail.

The long answer is that New Zealand is toying around with the idea of fining high school dropouts. Yes you read that correctly. If you leave high school early in New Zealand one political party is actually thinking about fining their parents $3,000.

Of course this is all a hypothetical situation right now.

From The Spinoff,

...the National Party is looking at slapping a $3000 fine on parents of children who leave school early and don’t go into further education or training. Under the current law students are only required to stay at school until age 16.

Lorde would fall under this because she didn't complete high school and instead continued pursuing her musical career. So her parents would be on the hook.

However as of right now none of this is actually happening, and Lorde is not in jail.

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