'Jersey Shore' Star Ronnie Margo Arrested for Kidnapping, Tased by Police

"Jersey Shore Family Vacation" Premiere Party

Folks who watch Jersey Shore know that Ronnie Margo's life is always full of drama. Most of the time he seems to be on the other side of things but this time it appears that Ron is the one who made some serious mistakes.

The report alleges that Margo was doing cocaine and being physically violent with his girlfriend Jen Harley. He punched her and chased her with a knife.

According to Consequence of Sound:

When police arrived on the scene, they found Ortiz-Magro barricaded in a room with the couple’s daughter. After he failed to respond to their commands, and fearing for the safety of the child, police officers used a taser to incapacitate Ortiz-Magro. He was then taken away from the property on a gurney in handcuffs.

Things are certainly not looking good for him.

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