Remembering September 11, 2001 - A Day That We Will Never Forget

Two Planes Crash into World Trade Center

Where do you even begin to talk about September 11, 2001? That was a day that I will certainly never forget. As a matter of fact it is cemented into my mind and I can still see the event unfolding as they happened. It's been 18 years and this still feels fresh to so many.

For me, I was in high school at the time. I remember sitting in homeroom and we always had the news on, I think it was the Today Show, and we started hearing about how a plane had struck the World Trade Center. Everyone was concerned. We were in the Albany area and many kids I went to school with had parents who worked in the city or family that lived there. Then the second plane hit and we just knew that something wasn't right.

There were a lot of lives lost on that day. People lost family and friends that they'll never get to see again. However one thing happened in this country that I haven't seen since. We all came together as a nation to heal. To be there.

One thing I remember from the day after 9/11 was the sports community, particularly the Yankees and Mets. The Yankees were in the World Series that year and Mike Piazza hit possibly the biggest home run of his career.


Both teams were heavily involved in working with first responders, visiting hospitals, and just being there for a city that was wounded fter one of the worst things tht could ever possibly happen.

I remember. We remember. We all shall never forget.

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