People Wanted Will Smith to be Blue Genie, Now They're Mad He's Blue

People are an odd bunch. This spring we'll get to finally see Guy Ritchie's "Aladdin" in theaters. The live action adaptation looks pretty promising from the trailer (in my opinion), but people are a little upset.

In fall of 2018 Disney dropped some exclusive photos of the "Aladdin" cast in Entertainment Weekly. Everyone was super upset that Will Smith, who plays the Genie, wasn't blue in those pictures. That prompted Disney to assure people that he would be blue for most of the movie and that was just one form.

Last night a new trailer premiered for "Aladdin" and we got to see Will Smith is all his blue glory. Do you think people were happy? Of course they weren't.


I honestly don't see what all the complaining is about. Isn't this exactly how a live action version of the genie should look? We need to stop comparing him to the cartoon version. Also, what else were you expecting out of Will Smith?

Will Smith has been paying the exact same character since forever and he's fantastic. Will Smith plays Will Smith. In Hitch, Will Smith. In MIB, Will Smith. In Fresh Prince, Will Smith. In After Earth...not Will Smith. Not sure what that was exactly, but I digress!

My point is, everyone needs to chill out. "Aladdin" is going to be a fun movie. Just relax and wait for it to hit theaters.

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