Upstate Unexplained - New Podcast On The Weird and Unexplained Events

I am very excited to announce the launch of my latest podcast, Upstate Unexplained . This one isn't your average podcast. We take a deeper look at some the odd stories in our area. Local legends, mysteries and anything else that one might not be able to easily explain.

Episode one has launched and you can stream it right now on iTunes. We're talking all about the mystery of the freemasons in Upstate New York. They have a very rich history here dating back to the Colonial times. In fact, one of the biggest freemason controversies happened in Upstate NY - the Morgan Affair.

We'll talk about the Morgan Affair, where a man mysteriously disappeared after writing a book about the freemason rituals. We'll also learn about the history and if there is any weight to those theories.

Stream Upstate Unexplained here .

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