If This Is On Your Plane Ticket, You're Gonna Be Searched At The Airport

When it comes to traveling we all get to the airport extra early these days to avoid the long lines with the TSA. Most of the time when I travel I have timed it so that I don't have to be in that panic mode, but sometimes you don't get lucky.

Did you know there's a sure fire way to see if you're going to be searched? If you see this on your ticket you're going to be searched.

It stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection and if you aren't able to print your ticket out at home or from an airport kiosk, it might be why. 

Basically get ready for the TSA to ask you more about your upcoming travel plans. You'll probably also receive a pat-down. Sounds like a bunch of fun.

Keep that in mind next time you fly and if that's on your ticket get ready to know your TSA agent a little better.

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