Despite Brutal Temps Too Cool For Coat Guy Remains Committed To Hoodie

The polar vortex is in full swing and with it we're seeing temperatures falling to below zero around the United States. One person that remains unaffected by these freezing cold temps is "too cool for coat guy" who can still be seen wearing that trademark hoodie.

"Yeah I get looks all the time", said too cool for coat guy walking out of the local corner store, "but really it's not all that bad considering."

While a heavy winter coat might do the trick and help to fight off being sick, too cool for coat says he's not afraid of catching a cold.

"A cold? Ha, nah bro. I don't get sick," he said as he sniffed so loud a flock of birds flew out of a nearby tree.

"Listen, if those birds are good without a coat so am I."

The method of staying warm seems to be pretty simple. Hood up, hands shoved deeply in pockets, and just hunch over and get to your destination as quickly as possible.

"A coat is great, but my hoodie has a special small pocket where I can keep my Juul."

When asked if he knew if coats also had pockets he just blew a vape cloud in our faces, popped his earbuds in and walked away singing lyrics to a Kid Rock song.

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