Over 100 Praying Mantises Hatch From Woman's Christmas Tree

Here's a news story straight out of your worst nightmare. A Virginia woman found hundreds of praying mantises in her home after they hatched out of a brown egg case that was under the branches of her Christmas tree. That's according to the report from WJLA out of Washington DC.

She said that she could see them crawling on the walls, floors, and ceiling. 

Apparently it's the gift that keeps on giving for her. Personally I would be so freaked out that I would't return home until I knew they were gone. 

Not her.

She's a veterinarian and she's capturing them and feeding them. So far she's caught over 100.


She said she hopes she finds homes for them because people like praying mantises. I guess they eat other bugs and what not. 

It's not a pet for me, but to each their own. 

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