What is 'The Masked Singer' and Why Did I Watch It All Night?

FOX's "The Masked Singer" is weird. It is over the top. It is fantastic. I hate it and at the same time I love it. By the end of the first show I found myself wondering how I got hooked into watching a show with such an incredibly stupid premise. 

The answer - it is wildly entertaining. 

Apparently it's based on a Japanese game show, which seems pretty normal for Japan. For America though it is way outside of the box. Somehow it works. 

No matter how dumb this show seems there are aspects of it that really make you want to watch. The costumes are insane, Nick Cannon is a train wreck, and the panel of judges is a B list of people who you used to find likable (Ken Jeong, what happened?). The clues they give as to who the performers are to the songs that they choose to sing you cannot help but get into it. I found myself racking my brain for answers as they gave clues as to who they could be. 

The clues, by the way, were not very helpful. I will say that I was able to guess who the Peacock was right off the bat. I believe that is Donny Osmond. I suppose I'll have to wait to see if I'm right. 

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