What is the Weirder Version of 'Little Drummer Boy?"

Do you enjoy when an artist gives their own spin on a classic song? Sometimes it's great. Sometimes it's weird. I do enjoy hearing traditional Christmas songs in different styles, however the two versions of "Littler Drummer Boy" here are just so out there. 

First lets' talk about Grace Jones and her version of the song. Grace Jones was a character. I loved her on Conan the Destroyer. However I wasn't a huge fan of her rendition of the "Little Drummer Boy" on the Pee Wee Christmas special. Maybe it's her dancing or facial expressions? 


Next let's talk about David Bowie and Bing Crosby. Wow is this awkward. The song itself is fine. It's, just fine. The interaction between the two of them before they start singing is the absolute worst. Who wrote this? I hope the answer is no one because dialogue this bad should never make to any sort of recorded event. 

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