It's too Early For Christmas Decorations [Opinion]

Today is November 12, 2018. Christmas is 43 days away. More importantly Thanksgiving is just 10 days away. I'm here to be the one to tell everyone who is currently decorating for Christmas that you're doing it too early. 

Last week I literally shared with you that listening to holiday music too early can be bad for your mental health. I can only assume that being punched in the face by Christmas a full month and a half early would do the same exact thing. So why are we doing this?

In my opinion it is appropriate to decorate for Christmas on Black Friday. In 2018 that date is November 23rd. Any sooner than that and you're rushing things for no reason. 

No I am not being a Scrooge. I am just wondering what the rush is to get Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving? I understand this at stores because they want to get it top of mind for holiday shopping, but at home? Do you need a tree up in your house for over a month? You an I both know that it's staying up well past December 25th, probably past January 1st in some cases. Do you need your home decorated for that long?

Maybe someone can shed some light on it for me, but I do not understand why you'd want it all up for so long. 

Let's celebrate Thanksgiving before we start on Christmas. At least carve the turkey. 

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