DEBATE: Which cat is better? Binx or Salem?

When it comes to pop culture cats there are two that immediately come to mind. Binx from "Hocus Pocus" and Salem from "Sabrina the Teenage Witch." 

Despite my opinion on "Hocus Pocus" not holding up over time, there's no arguing that Binx is one charming cat. He's one of the reasons why I wish that my cat would chit chat with me on a regular basis, but that's not gonna happen. You know, because of magic. 

Salem is also not without his qualities as well. He's a super Maybe has a bit of an attitude problem, but wouldn't you if you were cursed?


Binx -  also known as Thackery Binx

  • Was a boy who was cursed by the Sanderson sisters and turned into a cat
  • Wants to avenge his sisters murder
  • Helps kids 
  • Overall a kind, generous, and thoughtful person


  • Was a witch who was cursed to be a cat for 100 years
  • Snarky as hell
  • Truly is a good friend to Sabrina 
  • Tried to take over the world

Looking at some of the facts I think that Binx might be the cat you'd like to have by your side. He's loyal and probably won't do anything evil. Unlike Salem, who while charming did once try to take over the world.

In conclusion - Binx. 

Case closed.

Salem v Binx
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