5 Can't Miss Albany Area Breweries For National Drink Beer Day

In honor of National Drink Beer Day I thought I would talk about a few of my favorite breweries around the Capital Region. There has been a bit of a beer boom in the last few years. Now you can find all kinds of breweries in every community and they all have something great to offer.

The big thing is if you can find a brewery that is also doing some fantastic food to go along with the drinks. That's the big one. 

Some of these have bene favorites of mine for a while, and a couple I just discovered. Either way you're going to get a really great beer.

I'll start with my current favorite Brewery, but it's really and ever changing list depending on my mood. This place is the real deal and it's hidden away. 

1. Honey Hollow Brewing Co. - Earlton, NY


2. Real McCoy Beer Co - Delmar, NY


3. CH Evans/Albany Pump Station - Albany, NY


4. Druther's - Saratoga Springs and Albany, NY


5. Ommegang - Cooperstown, NY

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