Mary Poppins Returns Official Trailer

I'm not one to be excited for movies like Mary Poppins. Disney animated movies and Pixar, now hell yeah I'm on board with all that. However this is totally different and I am 100% on board with "Mary Poppins Returns." 

This one looks like it picks up a number of years later and this time the Banks children from the first movie are all grown up. Why is Mary Poppins there? To take care of the children.

Emily Blunt is really convincing taking on the role made famous by Julie Andrews. How can you top Julie Andrews? You can't. You can simply pay tribute to her and she does this wonderfully in the trailer. 

One of my favorite things about the original Mary Poppins is the combination of live action and animation and it appears they're bring it back. I'm pumped. 

Plus it's got my boy, Lin-Manuel Miranda in it. Sold.

"Mary Poppins Returns" hits theaters December 19th.

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