Did Your Polling Place Give Out Stickers?

I realize how childish this blog is going to sound but I am a little upset that my polling place didn't give my wife and I stickers after we voted in the primary. 

Obviously I don't need a sticker but I am fully jealous of so many other people who were given stickers after they voted. Yeah, I think it's cool when people post selfies after they vote. It's an important thing to do, even if it is just the primary. 

Since you're not allowed to take photos at a polling place, or at least while filling out your ballot, I hoped to get a sticker so I could take a fun photo for Instagram. It's like being a little kid at the doctor and not getting a sticker or a lollipop. That wouldn't fly. 

Maybe this makes me annoying, and yeah it doesn't matter and who cares if I voted but I wanted to have fun. My fun was denied and that's essentially what I wasn't cool with. 

Voting Sticker
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