Grilling Tips and Tricks To Take Your Cookout to the Next Level

Everyone knows how to grill, right? Wrong. While grilling seems simple it doesn't take much to screw it up. You can easily overcook or undercook your meat or veggies, so these tips will hopefully help you on your way to becoming a certified grill-master. 

I love throwing some food on the grill in the summer, but steak is something that I've not benn able to master. These will help me get those perfect steaks on the grill.

  • Know your hot and cold spots
  • Use a meat thermometer. 

Vegetables are also something that are made better by grilling them, but make sure you don't over cook them. Salt, pepper, and a little olive oil is a great way to start and then just let the natural flavors of the veggies come out. 

Don't be afraid of the grill. Learn to master it and you'll be fine.

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