Pyramid Size Asteroid Heading Towards Earth

When I hear that an asteroid that is the size of the Great Pyramid of Egypt is hurling toward the Earth I get a little bit nervous. Immediately I start thinking of the movie 'Armageddon' and that we're all doomed. Especially when NASA says we're going to have a "close call."

However a close call to NASA and a close call to the rest of us are totally different. Asteroid 2016 NF23 will soar past the earth at about 3 million miles away. Yeah, that's pretty close considering the sun is 93 million miles from us, but nothing to worry about. It will pass by Earth on August 29th. Keep your eyes on the sky.

I still say that if it changes course we'll need to get our team of experts together in order to defeat this great destroyer of worlds. It never hurts to be prepared. 

[Source: The Sun

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