Free Birthday Food And Drinks in the Albany Area

If you're heading out to celebrate your birthday in Albany there are plenty of places where you can get hooked up with some free things for your special day. I chalk it up to these businesses just appreciating you for who you are. 

Whether you want free food or drinks there are options for everyone. Personally for me I'll take the free chicken wings that they offer at The Orchard in Albany. Maybe wash that down with the birthday boot at Wolff's Biergarten. After all, they'll be spicy and I'll be thirsty.


You can also hit up Bomber's Burritos in Albany or Schenectady to get that big birthday margarita. 

The Olde English Pub on Broadway also has a big drink for you - except it's in a tea cup. Classy stuff! 

Not thirsty and want some Ice Cream? Ben & Jerry's will hook you up! You just haven to sign up on their website. has an entire list of freebies for you to hit up, click here to see it.

Get out there and celebrate you and get some free stuff!

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