12 Things You Didn't Know About Bacon

Who doesn't love bacon? The smell of it coming from a diner is enough to stop you in your tracks to find out exactly what delicious concoction is being cooked up for everyone to enjoy. 

Obviously I am a bacon fan but besides it being smokey salty goodness I didn't know much else about. Well, other than it comes from pigs. 

MentalFloss put together a list of 12 bacon facts and I found them to be incredibly interesting. I'll give you a few of them here.

  1. It's been around since 1500 BC
  2. Romans called it Petaso
  3. The word bacon refers to the back of the pig
  4. It was used to make explosives during World War II
  5. The average American eats 18 pounds of back per year

Wow, 18 pound is a lot of bacn.

Don't get mad at me but I love turkey bacon. If that gets me shunned by the bacon community, so be it. 

See the full list at MentalFloss.com

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