Has Spectrum Been Kicked Out Of New York State?

When the news began to come out about Spectrum/Charter being in trouble with New York people wondered what would happen with it. Last week a report came out that New York state was moving to kick the cable and internet company out of the state after many complaints.

The NYS Public Service commission approved the merger of Charter and Time Warner in 2016 which became Spectrum. As of July 27, 2018 they have revoked that approval. 

So have they been kicked out?

As of right now, no they are not. 

Polygon reports:

As a result of the commission’s action, the ISP has 60 days to submit a plan “to ensure an orderly transition to a successor provider(s).

The whole thing sounds like a big mess and I think the biggest takeaway is that people won't be left without service. Even if they're kicked out they'll have to have a plan in place to keep customers connected. 

You can read the whole Polygon article here

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