Get Free Big Mac at McDonald's To Celebrate Burger's 50th Anniversary

Big Mac

I am a big fan of the Big Mac from McDonald's and this year is the burger's 50th anniversary. Can you believe it? I'm only 32, so I literally cannot remember a time where the Big Mac didn't exist. 

To celebrate the 50th anniversary McDonald's creating Big Mac currency. These collectible coins will be good for one free Big Mac around the world. Here's what they tweeted:

We're celebrating 50 years of Big Mac by creating a global currency—MacCoin—each one worth a free Big Mac around the world, with 5 collectible designs for 5 legendary decades. Starting August 2, collect your own MacCoins when you buy a Big Mac while supplies last. #BigMac50

I am totally down with grabbing a free Big Mac, and these collector coins are going to be very popular!

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