'Guardians of the Galaxy' Cast Pens Letter, Asks For James Gunn To Return


A little over a week ago we all learned that Disney had fired James Gunn from "Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3" for offensive tweets he had made years ago. Gunn had apologized for those tweets previously and also apologized again after being fired. 

Now the entire cast of of the Guardians movies is asking that Gunn be reinstated as the director and writer for the upcoming third movie. 


When I first heard about the firings I thought to myself, if you can fire Roseanne for her tweet you can fire James Gunn for the same thing. After a while I kind of changed my mind because I think there's a difference in the two situations. 

Everyone seems to be on the side of James Gunn, and what worries me is that the cast of Guardians will breach their contracts and leave the movies. When you work along side someone long anough they become family and family sticks together. That's what we're seeing here.

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