Bigfoot Is Trending on Twitter, But It's Not What You Think

This morning I logged onto Twitter to see what was going on in the world. Imagine my excitement when I saw that Bigfoot was trending. 

Well this is incredible! Maybe this means that they found proof of his/her existence? Perhaps there is some newly found footage of the missing link that will put science over the hump? Wow, I was totally wrong about all of it.

As it turns out Bigfoot is trending this morning because a democratic candidate for congress from Virginia has outed her GOP opponent for being into Bigfoot erotica

I really wish that I was making that up, but apparently that is what our world has come to. This is what politics has come to, an SNL sketch. 

If you need me I'll be over here wishing I knew more about Bigfoot and less about what some Virginia congressional candidate likes in his free time.

BJ The Web Guy

BJ The Web Guy

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