Long Island Town Votes To Remove Paid Fire Department

Fire Department

Most of us never want to hear about people losing their jobs, especially when it's an issue of public safety. A town on Long Island is voting to eliminate their paid fire department in order to save the tax payer some money. 

The village of Garden City on long Island has decided it doesn't need to pay their fire department. According to Newsday:

The village board vote, announced in the meeting agenda, would eliminate all “paid/career” firefighter positions, which union officials said includes about a dozen firefighters, effective Aug. 27.

They say that the current paid fire department costs $2 million a year and they've already made cuts over the years to save tax payers money.

I know many communities use volunteer fire fighters but this is going to cost people their jobs and careers. That's not going to help the community at all. I also don't think any of the firefighters who were paid will be volunteering their time after all of this. 


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