Uncut Video of Color Me Badd Singer Assaulting Bandmate On Stage

Color Me Badd was in a bad situation over the weekend. While performing their hit song "I Wanna Sex You Up" singer Bryan Abrams was absent from the stage. At the end of the song you can see Abrams walk out on stage and push his bandmate, Mark Calderon, down onto the stage.

The full uncut video of the incident can be seen in the video below.


In an interview with WHEC Calderon said:

Abrams was drunk when the band first went on stage and slurred and stumbled through the first and only song he would sing that night. The singer wandered off stage.

Color Me Badd is currently touring with the I Love The 90s tour. Abrams is facing attempted assault charges ad will be back in court August 28th. 

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