From the Web Department Episode 36: Seeing the Foo Fighters Live in NYC

We all have that one band that we love but have never had to opportunity to see live. For us that was The Foo Fighters. We watched our fair share of live videos of them on YouTube, but we never got to experience it in person. 

On Monday that all changed when myself and Matt went down to New York City to watch night one of the Foo Fighter's two night stay at Madison Square Garden. Wow, one of the best concerts I have ever attended. 


There was a little bit of drama on the way to the City. Matt almost missed our train thanks to a chemical spill on the NYS Thruway, plus during the show he had to deal with some really interesting swamp creatures. 

My claim to fame in all of this is that the Foo Fighters liked my tweet after the show and that made me extremely happy. 


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