Damn Yankees BBQ - I Have Just Eaten, Died, And Gone To Heaven


When someone tells you that people have driven from two hours away to eat their food and that people from Texas have told him how good his brisket is you know you need to try this food. 

Rich from Damn Yankees BBQ in Holyoke, MA dropped by today to have us sample some of his food. I did a lot more than sample. I dove face first into the glorious BBQ goodness that was put in front of my face. 

From the minute we opened up the pans of brisket, pulled pork, corn bread, mac & cheese, and cole slaw I started to salivate. I'm not kidding when I say that. This stuff is mouth watering. 

Now I say this with 100% certainty - this brisket was the best brisket I have ever had. I have made my own, I have eaten it at BBQ places all around the Northeast, and with never having traveled to Texas, I am confident that this beef can stand up to all that the lone star state has to offer. 

The man has won BBQ contests, and he'll be at the Berkshires Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival this weekend. You should 100% go check him out. 

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