My Cape Cod Getaway - Why You Need A Relaxing Break

Mayflower Beach

When was the last time you just unplugged and enjoyed everything around you? I think that's something that we all need to do from time to time. 

Now before you yell at me, yes I took photos, so I'll say I was 95% unplugged. I wasn't checking my phone, I certainly wasn't checking on work stuff (sorry Randy), and I never even cracked open my laptop. So it counts. 

I love being in New England. My wife and I actually lived in Southern, MA back in 2012 and it was nice to revisit that spot with our son over the weekend. 

We rented a small cottage in Dennis Port through Air BnB. The street we were on was quiet, right next to an ice cream place, and the end of the street was a small beach. It was perfect.

Speaking of ice cream, I highly recommend Sundae School. They make their own ice cream and everything. 

Sundae School

When I say our cottage was right next to this place, I mean it was our backyard. If there wasn't a fence we could have just walked through our yard to get there. 

One thing I was really excited about was trying some of the local beer on Cape. We were in Dennis Port and I had heard of this place called Devil's Purse. While I didn't have time to get to the brewery itself, I found some of their beer in a local packie that carried it. This was delicious. If you like English Style Pale Ales, I suggest this one.


We hit a few beaches. Mayflower Beach was the big beach we went to and that was a lot of fun. The water wasn't as cold as you'd expect it to be on Cape so we enjoyed going into it and just lounging on the beach all day. 

Food is always big for me on vacation and our favorite spot we hit up was a place called Wee Packet, which also happened to be right around the corner from where we were staying. Seriously, some of the best corned beef hash that I've had was at this place. 

Wee Packet

Now that I am back, I feel refreshed and recharged. 

I think that every now and then it's important to just let yourself relax and pull yourself away from everything else. 

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