IHOP Officially Becoming IHOb - The International House Of Burgers


My reaction upon hearing what the "b" stands for in IHOb was, ummm, what? 

IHOP, long known as that, will now be known as IHOb. The "b" stands for burgers. That's right, IHOP has officially jumped on the burger train to flavortown. 


I am both confused and intrigued by this move. Mostly because I don't think I have ever ordered anything but breakfast items from this restaurant.  

Personally I was in the camp of people who thought that the "b" would mean breakfast because it was what they were known for. Apparently this must be a full on rebrand to appeal more to the lunch and dinner crowds. 

So there you have it. IHOP no longer. Welcome to IHOb. 

BJ The Web Guy

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