Tomorrow is Friday The 13th, Are You Prepared?

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Tomorrow is Friday April 13th. 

I am not a particularly superstitious fella, but there is something about Friday the 13th that kind of creeps me out. Maybe it's just all the weird stories that we've been told over the years about Friday the 13th. It's just spooky. 

Of course maybe it's just that we're humans. We let things get in our heads and mess with us. I think that's fairly easy to explain rather than there being ghosts, or bad juju floating around us.


I'm not going to go out of my way to avoid things tomorrow, BUT, I will be doing a few things:

  • Staying away from mirrors
  • Having salt on me at all times to throw over my left shoulder
  • Garlic (Optional if there happen to be vampires - you never know)
  • Black cats (but only for the day - I love cats)

Also if you do happen to have a taste for the spooky and paranormal, check out The 518 Paranormal Project podcast featuring the fine folks from the Northeast Paranormal Society.

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