Friendly Reminder To Clean All The Snow Off Your Cars

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The Capital Region just got another hit of winter from Mother Nature. Those of you who don't get to park inside of a nice warm garage like myself (don't be jealous) have to deal with cleaning off the car before heading out for the day. 

If only it were as easy as this.


Unfortunately it's not. However I have seen far too many people driving around with their cars covered in snow. Some of them with just the driver's side portion of the windshield cleared off. 

That's not safe. 


Give yourself a little extra time to get all the snow off of it. That goes for the big trucks too. There is nothing worse than driving behind someone and having an avalanche of snow come flying off of their car onto your windshield or having to dodge it like landmines. 

So, just a reminder, brush ALL of the snow off before hitting the roads. It will make things safer for everyone. 

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