Blue's Clues Is Coming Back, So Get Ready


Children who grew up in the late 90s will fondly remember singing along to all of the catchy songs Steve sang while going on his adventures with his dog, Blue. Yelling out that they found a clue, being super excited with Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper welcomed baby paprika into their family.

Good times to be alive and learning. 

Now after a long hiatus, it appears the Blue's Clues is making a come back!


According to Entertainment Weekly:

Nickelodeon is announcing at its upfront on Tuesday that it is reviving the popular educational children’s series featuring a blue-spotted puppy named Blue. Twenty new episodes have been ordered, and filming will begin this summer. The show will boast a “refreshed signature look,” and there will be an open casting call for a new host in Southern California on April 14.

So there you have it! Get ready to look for clues all over again!

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