10 Reasons Why 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Is The Best Movie

If you grew up in the 90s, or just plain existed in the 90s you've probably seen the Robin Williams' masterpiece known as "Mrs. Doubtfire." This film should be a staple in every home across America - no, THE WORLD.

For no reason at all I have decided to compile a list of reasons why I think this movie is the best ever. 

1. The pie face scene - I dare any of you to greet someone like this and not have them smile with delight. 


2. Robin Williams impressions - Obviously he's the king of voices and impressions, but this movie showcased some really good ones from the king. 


3. Sally Field - She was amazing in this. Plus putting up with Daniel (Robin Williams) she deserves a medal. As charming as he was to us and his kids, I could see why she wanted to murder him on occasion. 


4. Education - I think one of the things lost in this film is the value we place on education. I learned so much about the dinosaurs from it.


5. He was the coolest dad - Sure he may have caused some trouble, but man did he know how to throw a party. 


6. Harvey Firestein as the uncle - One of my favorite roles that he has played. 


7. Pierce Brosnan  - I know he was supposed to be the bad guy, but he was fantastic. 


8. The Dude looks like a lady dance scene - All movies need a random dance seen. This one is one of the best ones. 


9. The importance of having valuable skills - It is very important in life to have skills that can get you through it. Never under estimate the job market and what you can bring to the table.


10. The end when we were definitely NOT crying.  

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