Woman Suing NY Casino For Offering Her Steak Dinner Instead of $43 million

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Imagine you're playing the slot machines. You hit the button, the images top, the jackpot lights start going off, and suddenly you've hit it big. But then you're crushed because the casino says it was a malfunction. 

That's what happened to a woman in Queens, NY. She played the slots and says it was going to pay her $43 million in winnings. Now that's a big winner! However the casino said it was a "malfunction" and escorted her out. Afterwards they offered her $2.25 million and a steak dinner. 

Now according to the report from the BBC, Katrina Bookman is suing the Resorts World Casino for not paying up. 

This is a little weird. The NYS Gaming Commission backs the casino because there was a sign on the machine that said that "malfunctions void all pays and plays." But the casino hasn't said what caused the malfunction despite Ms Bookman reaching out the them. 

I personally think they should have to give her the big payout of $43 million. Fair is fair. If I see a price tag on an item for one price and rings up differently I get the advertised price. 

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