Brand New Disney's 'Ducktales' Theme Song Released


We're getting closer and closer to that "Ducktales" reboot from Disney. It will be on Disney XD this summer, but I'm not sure of the date. I'll make sure I let you guys know. 

The theme to "Ducktales" will always be one of my childhood favorites. From the beginning of it to the end of it, it was just the best. They didn't change a lot of this theme song for the new show - the lyrics are the same - but the style is just..meh. 

Obviously they went from a male vocalist to the female vocalist. I don't find anything wrong with that. The music just doesn't get be jazzed up for "Ducktales." It doesn't even get me excited for ponytails or cottontails if I'm being honest. It's just lacking that same vibe from the first one. You need the horns, and that big fat bass line intro. 

Maybe I'm being too much of an old man here. If I am, so be it.


Listen to the above version and then listen to the original song posted below and tell me what you think. I'm going to go all original here. 

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